Are there changing midi channel devices?

I connected Op z to two external keyboards(two CME xkeys)through usb hub.
I wanted to control different tracks by two keys, but the keyboards have same midi channel so that i can only control one track. (Xkey doesnt have a option for changing midi out channel)

Except getting new keys, is there other way to change midi out channels?

are you really sure that you can’t change the midi channel on the xkey?

with a shortcut or something? (1-16)

Yes im sure. Xkey is really a simple keyboard.

Have you tried the xkey plus software? Under „assignments“ you should be able to configure the MIDI channel of your keyboard. Im not sure but it might even be possible to assign each key to a different channel (to split the keyboard).

yap. something like that. can’t imagine it just works on ch. 1

This CAN be done. I have an Xkey and an Xkey 37. I requested the feature and they added it! You should update the software.

I just pulled out my Xkey and tested it. Press pitch bend up AND down simultaneously along with a key - first key © is channel 1, C# channel 2 etc.

CME version history here


So you can change the keyboard’s midi channel using this key combo? That’s fantastic! That’s the only thing that had stopped me buying this keyboard.

Yep. I was so happy when they added it. Great keyboard.

Midiflow on an iOS device can route channels from device to device, changing input to desired output, as well as mapping pressure (Aftertouch) or any CC knobs or sliders to output device CC, mod, pitchbend, etc.


Thank you everyone!!! Yes, the Xkey AIR now works over bluetooth as well via the MidiFlow App! Look ma, no cables!