Arpeggio Sequencer: So frustrating

Most DAWs let you control the direction the series of notes in a particular chord are played. Up, down, random or as fingered.

On the OP-1 I have to perfectly input my notes (let’s say C D# G for a Cm chord) in the way I want the Arpeggio sequencer to play them. This is great, but if I wanted to simply play the notes in a chord in a UP pattern what I really want to do is just play all notes simultaneously and expect the OP-1 to play them in the UP direction via a simple setting.

Here’s the problem, try to do a simple 3 chord progression (like Cm A# F) with 1/8th or 1/16th notes. Make sure that your notes are struck in a ascending pattern (Up the chord triad). What ends up happening is you get a bunch of unnecessary notes played and it sounds sloppy.

A simple firmware fix could make this so much better. Or am I missing something?

Afaict, the op1 arp isn’t like most other arps… I’m not very experienced, but yeah, although I find it useful, It’s also quite cumbersome for the type of use you describe.

Really good idea, seems easy for the software to understand the order of keys so hopefully next os update will have it.
Maybe a workaround for now could be dropping the notes in order into the Endless sequencer and choosing up, down or random with the red knob? Definitely slower though.

That suits my need, I don’t know what I m doing so I find it easy (and faster than endless) for creating happy accidents but I understand your frustration.
Have you try finger mode ? I never really used it but it can suit your need.
An idea : prepare your arpeggio there and use the master tuning to change the tone