Arturia Keystep 37 with OP-1 Field

Hey all, I’ve done my googling and searched the forum and come up with naught, so here goes -

I’ve used various midi controllers with the Field now, and getting mixed results. Some just work and all is well, and some just won’t work at all. That, I’ve googled, and it seems the consensus is, it’s a bit of a hit and miss depending on how the controller is set up, if it can be a host or not, that kind of stuff.

Anyway, that’s all good. It is what it is. I’d like to use an Arturia Keystep 37 with the Field.

I’d like to be able to sequence the OP-1 from the Keystep, use the Keystep to input into the OP-1’s sequencers (all of them - yes, looking at you, Endless) and use the Keystep to play the OP-1 synths and samplers, and start and stop the OP-1 tape. OP-1 Field, that is.

Anyone using a Keystep 37 for this? Since I’ve have such various results with different midi controllers, I don’t wanna go for this until I can get some kind of confirmation from another user that this works.

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swear i seen something about keystep pro on here
ah yes here

as for inputing notes into the sequencers via midi
i think that is something that is not possible
regardless of what controller u use
(which is a shame)
its def the case for the OG
would love to be wrong about hte field tho

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Thanks. I’ve noticed, some midi keyboards work with some sequencers, regarding the Field :slight_smile: Hold, Pattern and Tombola seem to be more friendly towards external input than say Endless, which is just downright hostile in its attitude :smiley:

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hah endless such a troublemaker :stuck_out_tongue:


I know right :slight_smile: there’s just no end to it


I’ll get my coat, show myself out.

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A version of that is also

We’ll never hear the end of it

And now I’m leaving. No really I am.

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So I went for a Keystep and yep, it works perfectly.

The Field powers the Keystep, the Keystep sequencer and keyboard works really well with the Field and the Keystep also starts and stops the tape, meaning that within minutes, I had recorded onto all four tape tracks, some Field sounds sequenced from the Keystep onto synced tape.

Pretty awesome.


I since got a Keystep 37 Pro, which the OP-1F powers just fine. The four sequencer tracks can’t play different patches simultaneously, BUT saving MIDI broken out by corresponding tape track as you go is great.

The Keystep MIDI sequencing, undo, ability to recall MIDI loops to play different sounds, & overall friendliness & flexibility of the KSP perfectly round out the OP-1F.

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Does the Field work as a USB/MIDI host? I have an original OP-1 and would love it if this worked, but I have a vague feeling that it needs to run as a host, which it doesn’t. Maybe that’s an update on the newer model.

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Hi CG, hope all is well!

Any luck getting the OP-1 Field to read the sustain pedal from the Arturia?

Thanks, Harry.

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Hey mate :slight_smile: thanks, all good, hope the same with you.

I haven’t used a sustain pedal with my Keystep, so can’t say, unfortunately. My guess is, it’ll be trouble. OP-1 Field seems just not so sustain-pedal friendly :slight_smile: no idea if that’s the case or not, it’s just my gut telling me, considering how primitive its envelopes are.

Thanks C G! I used the sustain with the KeyStep triggering a Waldorf Blofeld and it worked great.

Thanks for the reply, best of luck, Harry.

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