Arturia Minilab 3

Has anyone tried the Field with this keyboard? Does the Field power the Minilab 3?

I haven’t tried it yet, but I’ll give it a try asap. I’ll update - if no-one tries it before.

One a personal note, I’d have to say that MiniLab3 is one of the worst MIDI keyboard I’ve had.
It bugs in ways I have never encountered before, MIDI is all over the place, design choices are not great at all (the shift button is not ergonomic at all……and there’s no hold function), the build quality is cheap af.
For the price tag, one could argue this is to be expected. But coming from Akais, Nektars, M-Audios and Natives, I’d say the MiniLab3 is not on par with Arturia’s usual line of products.
Just my two cents. But worth mentioning that it’s no BeatStep or KeyLab.

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Sorry for the very late reply.

I just had a moment in the studio and plugged the op1 Field into the MiniLab 3. Works like a charm.
No bugs whatsoever!
The op1 Field sends power to the MiniLab 3 - although I suspect it’s gonna be a bit of a power hag.
But it works.

Thanks for that.

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