assorted patches [25]

I was cleaning up my snapshots folder and decided to share some of the results. This is mostly cleaned up and renamed properly, but due to circumstances there might be a duplicate or two in there. 3 of them are not renamed and might not be very good.

These are mostly bassy/organy/picky/plucky things and a few fun oddities.

Things to check out:

Strange Times is more of a curiosity than anything else. Hold a chord for many seconds to hear something neat. Try pressing down the keys a few seconds apart while continuing to hold for added effect.

Morkan is an ep sampled from a microkorg. I’ve kept it around for a while longer than most other instrument samples so I figure it might be special.

Du Floot, you might want to tweak the attack on.

Giving this a bump in case anyone missed it over the weekend.

Gonna try these out. Love to hear other peoples patches. I uploaded some a couple of days ago but they got pushed by other threads

Oh, this one?

I missed it. I’ll take a look.