Aswefallintostatic's solo piano / electronics EP

Hey guys, this is entirely off topic so apologies for that but I have posted on here for a while now and so thought a few of you might be interested anyways.

I am releasing a 5 track EP called ‘Voyages By Starlight’ on digital and vinyl with a label called Kowloon Records on May 6th. Here is a video teaser for the EP:

And also the first track from it was premiered on Clash Magazine recently:

I performed, recorded and produced the EP in my home studio. It was mixed in Berlin by Martyn Heyne, mastered by Lupo at Calyx mastering. Its my first time working with a labell and getting proper distribution etc… overall its very exciting :slight_smile: I hope you guys like it! Its available to pre order on itunes, bleep and the labell website:


Tom x

The video / soundcloud link dont seem to be displaying right now, sorry

EDIT: fixed

great news buddy, and congratulations.

looking forward to hearing the whole record - still enjoying the last one.

no bandcamp this time?

thanks @speckdrum :slight_smile: No bandcamp planned at this time, but i still think its a superb website.

Having put everything so far out on Bandcamp I’m keen to see how things compare now distribution is happening in a more traditional way.

Hey Tom !

Very glad to hear some new sound from you, it’s always a great pleasure !

Hey guys, i just posted a new track from this ep :slight_smile: It got premiered on gigwise. I hope you like it!

Hey, you have to come by at the shop with the vinyl ! Will listen to it tmrw !

@mixrasta - Yeah man! That would be awesome, not sure i’ll get my hands on it until mat but at that point i’ll bring one by :smiley: