Audio dipping on tracks OPZ

Hey everyone

Maybe I’m doing something stupid but there are times when on certain projects I find that when I play something new on top of a few parts I have going then the whole of the master seems to like dip, luck duck or sidechain under whatever sound I am pressing - Doesn’t matter what channel it is, a note on the chord track can end up dipping the whole master track, the kick or the bass its all the same.

It doesnt happen in all projects, so have I got a setting on I dont want?

I tried on the master channel turning the blue dial clockwise to turn off “extreme punch in” but that doesnt seem to have done it.


Go to the mixer and turn the first two knobs down, then make up the gain with the volume knob.

hold the Mixer button down and turn the yellow dial all the way down…it’s the compressor, which works in mysterious ways.