Audio Distortion When Connecting OP-1 Field to Google Pixel 7 Pro via USB-C

Dear OP-1 Field Forum members,

I am currently facing an issue when connecting my OP-1 Field to my Google Pixel 7 Pro via USB-C. The audio output from my phone experiences significant distortion, characterized by excessive noise and clipping. This issue persists despite using the original cable provided with the OP-1 Field.

In an attempt to isolate the cause, I speculated that the distortion might be related to charging via the USB-C connection. Consequently, I explored the USB settings on both my Android device and OP-1. On my Pixel, I set the USB control to be managed by the OP-1, while on the OP-1, I navigated to the SHIFT-COM menu and disabled USB charging via the orange knob.

However, this approach did not yield any improvements. Interestingly, despite disabling the USB charging option on the OP-1, my phone continued to draw power when the “Charge connected device” option was deactivated in the Android “Power Options” settings. Conversely, when I activated the “Charge connected device” option, expecting the charging direction to switch (and to deactivate, due to my settings in OP-1), the sound quality over USB-C remained poor.

At this point, I am seeking your collective experience and advice to resolve this issue. Your insights and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.