Audio Distortion When Connecting OP-1 Field to Google Pixel 7 Pro via USB-C

Dear OP-1 Field Forum members,

I am currently facing an issue when connecting my OP-1 Field to my Google Pixel 7 Pro via USB-C. The audio output from my phone experiences significant distortion, characterized by excessive noise and clipping. This issue persists despite using the original cable provided with the OP-1 Field.

In an attempt to isolate the cause, I speculated that the distortion might be related to charging via the USB-C connection. Consequently, I explored the USB settings on both my Android device and OP-1. On my Pixel, I set the USB control to be managed by the OP-1, while on the OP-1, I navigated to the SHIFT-COM menu and disabled USB charging via the orange knob.

However, this approach did not yield any improvements. Interestingly, despite disabling the USB charging option on the OP-1, my phone continued to draw power when the “Charge connected device” option was deactivated in the Android “Power Options” settings. Conversely, when I activated the “Charge connected device” option, expecting the charging direction to switch (and to deactivate, due to my settings in OP-1), the sound quality over USB-C remained poor.

At this point, I am seeking your collective experience and advice to resolve this issue. Your insights and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Hi did you ever figure this out? I am having the same problem.

Hi there

Have you guys figure out this issue? It’s really annoying because nothing seems to work!

Do you know if you’re getting a feedback loop? Maybe a frequency mismatch or buffer under run?

Super hard to tell because I’m assuming most people don’t have the Pixel (at least I don’t)… if you could post a video or audio example it might help narrow down what type of issue it is?

I also had crazy noise from the Pixel 7 over usb from both op1f and OP-Z…never found a solution…