Audio from portable 3.5mm Stereo devices into 6.35mm Mono Effects Pedals

Okay I’ve bought a pedal (it’s the Chase Bliss Mood) and I’m enjoying putting OP-Z through it.
(hey, look at me, I’m Hainbach… or something)

Point 1 - I’m using some old standard stereo 3.5mm to 6.35mm headphone adapters with stereo 3.5mm cables to get the audio in and out. The headphone adapters I’ve got are a bit cheap and not great (sometimes you need to twist them a bit so they don’t crackle/cut-out). So I already need to find a better solution just from the point of view of a better connection.

Point 2 - With effects pedals I find that the cables sticking straight out the sides get really in the way and make your small-device set-up take up much more room than it needs to, so I guess I want right-angle jacks coming out of the pedal.

Point 3 - I’m often confused about putting stereo signals into mono pedals and what’s going on there. I want to do this properly if I can - and not find that the right channel isn’t actually coming through.

So, I’d like a good non-crappy way to get 3.5mm stereo signals into a mono effects pedal, which has a right-angle jack at the pedal end (so it’s less bulky), with as few as possible adapters/connectors along the chain. What do people recommend?

I use this but it’s not right angle. It does the job nicely though.

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You could keep your OP-Z tracks panned to the center, and then just use a mono cable. That should just send the signal from one side (the left side, iirc) to the pedal. Then you have no problems with phase cancellation or anything like that.

The OP-Z’s output should be more than hot enough for a guitar pedal.

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Thanks both. Doing some googling last night I found a lot of stuff about how standard stereo to mono cables are not good for your equipment, because when the L&R channels are combined without resistance they push back against each other and can cause issues back at the stereo output of your device.

There are some youtube vids showing how to make a stereo “summing” cable, by basically inserting a resistor on the L and the R before you combine them. Seems pretty simple and as I’m looking for something very particular (with right-angle jack) I’m gonna have a go at making my own cables.

I’m just going to chop a 3.5mm cable to do this, stick the two 1k ohm resistors in and then use one of these for the pedal end:

dude i would avoid those solderless plugs.
they can be a pain in the butt

Doh, I’ve ordered a couple! I guess maybe I’ll solder them anyway then… :smile:
I liked that they were kinda compact and right-angled.