Audio glitch when burning to album - VIDEO

My text kept disappearing from the above post, damn you Android!

“At the end of each album track I burn on the OP-1 there is an audio spike that I need to remove with an audio editor. Is this normal?”

Yes, that’s a known issue. We think it’s a tiny snippet of what was on album before.

Thanks for that. Damn annoying! I assume the only fix is to record a full track of nothingness on there first?

Just tried to fill with nothing and record over it but the glitch remains, albeit quieter I think. Ah well!

I get that glitch a lot. It seems to go away for a song or two if I do a factory reset before embarking on a new project. Not sure if that works with your methods or not.

You could try connecting to your computer and deleting the album files in disk mode. Once you go back the OS will rebuild them and they should be empty.