Audio input select issue

Hello :wave::blush:
I cant seem to select the audio input from the headphone jack like I did before!!
Holding the screen button only lights up buttons 1 and 4 when I’m sure I’ve had it with button 2 lit up being an option for the headset input and had my PO being mashed by the tape loop?

Have I got something wrong or have they changed something in the last update?
Hope I’ve not blown the input! :grimacing:

Thanks in advance

Did you ever find out what was causing this? I’ve been having this exact same issue with not luck on any of the documentation. It’s been very frustrating.

Yeah don’t worry about it the OP-Z only gives you the relevant sound options when it’s connected to those sources, it’s too clever for it’s own good. If you connect a headset type headphone and mic with the three end jack connector it should show up. Be aware that some headphone mic’s have a different plug configuration but I’m guessing the OP-Z uses the most common one.
If you want to use straight audio to the mic input make sure you get an iRig2 to match the impedance and levels or you’re very likely to do damage.