Audio Interface Problems

Hey guys, so I just got my op z and the audio sounds perfect on headphones, but as I connect it to my audio interface it’s sounds totally off. Loosing quality and complete sounds, I’m using a Behringer umc404hd with a 3.5 to quarter jack, please help!

How am I meant to set this up or is it a problem with the actual piece ?

You need a 3.5mm stereo to dual mono quarter jack. your interface is phase canceling the signal from your trs quarter jack and causing issues. the cable should look like a splitter but each quarter jack will be ts instead of trs. please google this cable.

ThNk for that. But won’t that take 2 inputs on the interface, how do I put it into one line in ? @courcreate

I also have the op 1 connected using TRS to my interface which works ok

Don’t you want your instruments in Stereo?

Seems a shame not too, but then you don’t have enough inputs for all 3 in stereo.

Hi guys …just posted on this thread…