Audio Interfaces that work with the OP-1 Field via USB-C

Does anyone know of a list or something with the audio interfaces that actually work with the OP-1 Field via the USB-C port?

So far the only two that I’ve heard actually work are the:

Roland Go Pro X

From what I understand, in host mode, (ie where OP-1 is the “computer”) USB-C only works for input, not output. So my Blue Yeti sends stereo audio into OP-1, but doesn’t pass audio out to the Yeti audio output. Have to use OP-1’s output.

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Thank you for that explanation. I guess if they added a feedback loop option then it would work. I plug it into my iPad and I can record in and out but because there is no feedback loop for the op-1 field it records the previous recording with my new recording. So I thought a USBC audio interface with feedback loop option might work as both. Hopefully this makes sense.

I’ve tried the following using the apple usb c to usb (a) adapter:

Audio in Works:

  • Fender GTX 50 Amp
  • IK Multimedia iRig Stomp I/O (midi doesn’t work)
  • iOS devices

Audio in Doesn’t Work:

  • Tascam series 102i (midi works)
  • IK Multimedia Axe I/O (midi works)
  • MAudio Air
  • Tascam Portacapture x8

All of these devices are class compliant and work perfectly fine with iOS and mac/windows.

I’m disappointed in the hit or miss situation. I’m trying to find a somewhat portable interface to record guitar with. I think the irig series for ios might work since they share the same asio driver on windows.

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Don’t buy IRig. I have that and it won’t work in or out with it. I feel the frustration.

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Scarlett 2i2 doesn’t work

I think the device has to have a loopback feature and be class compliant to work. I know the Scarlet 2i2 doesn’t have that feature.

Ok I was not aware of that… thanks
I didn’t know what a loopback function was. Indeed the 2i2 doesn’t have that. But does the TX6 has this function for instance? I don’t think so but it works with OP-1 field

TX-6 is a mixer with audio interface multitrack abilities. So I don’t know now it’s full scope. The loop back feature allows you to record audio without affecting your playback signal. This is usually seen in audio interfaces as of lately.

Audient, Motu M Series, etc

So while I can’t say for a certain LoopBack is needed. I do know that the Roland Go Pro Mixer has that feature and works based on one persons experience.

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I got a response from TE about the audio interface situation with the OP-1 Field:

“our TX–6 mixer and 12 channel interface is of course the most seamless and best tested with the OP–1 field, however most class 1 audio interfaces should work out of the box. you should be able to see if you interface is class 1 or class 2 by checking the specs of your interface, otherwise you can drop a line to the manufacturer and check. the OP–1 field only supports class 1 interfaces so any class 2 interfaces (unless they have a way to switch modes) are not supported.”

Class 1 usb audio = 44.1 and 48kh audio, 16 & 24bit max.

Interestingly, the TX-6 has 48kh max, though I think it does support 32bit audio?

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I find that interesting because I plugging a IK IRig Pro into it and it didn’t work. I pretty sure it’s Class 1.