Audio Jack IN/OUT sizes

Was wondering (for an idea/project in my head) what sizes of audio in/out jacks most people are using. By this I mean the thickness of the rubber part of the jack.

PLEASE fill out the poll below. Note: If you select OPTION 2 the jack has to be less or equal to the thickness of the body.

Anything to reduce weight and waste of materials! I also re-soldered my Apogee One breakout cable into one 3.5mm TRS because I couldn’t stand all that plastic. I’m getting kind of extreme these days with minimising and making everything as practical as possible (for my needs of course) :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info and votes so far.

Please, more votes to find out what the average is.

I mostly use a thin and light cable similar to 1st pic, but sometimes use a splitter which is still thinner than OP body, and occasionally I use a right angle cable.

I usually end up shaving down the rubber on thicker cables.

I’ve been using several kinds of cables for different setups, too many to the point where I would coin myself as a cable slut. My hope is to find cables that can adjust/rotate to diffent angles (mini USB included). Last pic is of a super cheap cable, but really hugs the op-1. I’ve got more cables if you’d like to see more pics.

Thanks @Kites for the photos.
Just want to get an idea of what most people are using. ive a little idea in my head that I want to sketch/detail further and think about making (and maybe selling going forward too)

Make sure to post it when you’re done sketching =) I’m intrigued