Audio not sending to ableton via usb

I updated my opz to the latest firmware, connected it to my windows 10 laptop running ableton 10 with a rme fireface interface and push 2 controller working fine.

When I connect it I can send audio from computer to opz for sampling. I can receive and send all tracks of midi and select tracks in ableton midi dropdown input/output. But I am not getting opz as an option in ableton audio input dropdown menu. Also my computer detects the opz but doesnt seem to see the audio Input options. Its driving me crazy, anyone know why?

What i am wanting to do is record midi and a stereo audio signal and everything seems so easy in videos online, but my laptop doesnt seem to detect audio via usb from opz

Hey man, could you find a solution? I’m having the same problem

Here is what I do. Problem is to get audio tracks to be selectable as 1/2 via usb in ableton you need to set opz as sound card. To do that you have to disable audio interface. If you want to use audio interface you can do 1/8 inch out into audio interface and midi via usb, but for me this introduces a hum that makes the recording unusable. I would love if this would work but in my studio it doesnt without a hum, would love to know how to do this. So I would download asio4all when you want to record the opz go into audio settings and switch from audio interface to asio4all. Then go into settings and disable everything but opz. Then you can select audio and midi via usb for a high quality recording and monitor via headphones from opz. When done recording opz switch sound card back to audio interface. Hope that helps.

Also go into sound devices outside of ableton and make sure input and output on opz are not disabled.

the hum is likely due to a ground loop that happens when u plug usb and audio into the same device, computer, thing.

ground loop isolator for a couple bucks should clear that right up

Actually I have a hum x installed at the outlet that the power supply is plugged to, granted I have an ungodly amount of things plugged into it. I’ve tried messing around to figure out what is causing it. Any ideas on what I should change with how things are plugged in? I’m assuming you plug laptop into hum x?

na u need to isolate either the audio or the usb specifically
since this is where the ground loop is occuring between the two.

something like this for audio should do the trick

this is the one i’ve used to cure the same problem on the OP1

the USB ones are a bit more expensive.

Nice, thanks I’ll try it out

I bought the product above and it does seem to remove the hum, but it also reduces the output level of the opz. I tested with it on and off and opz is definitely louder without it. Is there a way to boost the volume with the ground loop isolator on? Thanks

u could try simply turning the volume up on your Z to compensate

or maybe try a USB isolator instead

I’ve tried maxing out volume and gain, still not as loud as I would like. Perhaps I will try the usb way. Is this an issue for everyone or is it something about my setup that is causing the ground loop?

its a common problem when hooking up audio and midi between two devices
from what i understand it has to do w/ the way usb is designed

funny i haven’t noticed any volume drop when i use mine
sounds the same :man_shrugging:

Hm I have it running into my sp404 maybe that has something to do with it. I’ll try going straight into interface.

There’s a way to boost the OP-Z’s volume, as stated in the guide:

disable_headphone_db_reduction will do so. Haven’t tried it myself, though