Audio over USB-C to Live 10 L+R channels switched

I mentioned this before in another thread back in May 19 and I couldn’t find any other response on the Forum so here we go.
Does anyone notice L+R channel audio is streamed R+L over USB-C in to Live (or any other DAW for that matter)?
I checked I wasn’t going crazy by hard panning a track L on the OP-Z and heard it only in the right channel via my MacBpro - plugged in headphones on the OP-Z and there it is on the L channel as it should be.
Should this be reported to TE or am I the only one and I’ve got a dodgy device?
Thanks in advance Z’ers !!

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It’s the same for me (using Live 10 as well), so I guess it’s a general bug.

Same here while recording over USB to Macbook or iPhone, channels are switched. Did you contact TE or not?

From FW 1.2.12 changelog:

  • fix flipped usb audio L/R sign

I’m on 1.2.17, still flipped.

Also on 1.2.17.
Believe it or not I can’t find a way to let TE know on their website.
Anyone got a support email contact address?
It’s convoluted but you have to search an irrelevant question that doesn’t give you the answer you’re looking for on the support portal which then allows you to submit a ticket that has pre filled required fields that does not include bug reports.
Nice one TE. Completely fooled me.