Audio syncing with volcas

Well I have this weird problem. I just got PO-20 and synced it with my volcas (bass, beats, keys). The sync works ok, but it brings a sound of beat to the mixer. Like a metronome or something with a bassdrum sound. Any idea what could be wrong? I synced them with audio sync and PO-20 is the last device on that chain. Tried different sync modes, I think SY2 should be the right one, but it doesn’t play with it. :slight_smile:

Yes SY2 should work, you must use TRS cables all the way through though, are you?

Whats the difference between TR5 and regular audio cable? The ones I audio sync the volcas with look like normal stereo cables and there was no problem with them until I connected them to PO-20. I tried googling them but the results were a bit confusing :slight_smile:

the audio out from po-20 goes with a regular cable though with which I haven’t tried syncing, but it’s weird that SY2 doesn’t play the sounds out.

TRS = Tip, Ring, Sleeve aka stereo cable. The PO sync signal is carried on the tip of the cable and the audio is carried on the ring, if you are using a TS cable (no ring) then that is why you will not hear the audio.

SY2 doesn’t pass audio through from the input. Also, I believe the volca sync out is only for sync, and not audio. You’ll either need a mixer, or a custom cable which can take both the sync and headphone out from the volca (from each individual output) and combine it into a stereo plug for the PO, using SY4 so the audio from the volca passes through as well as the sync pulse.

I have seperate cables in Volca. The other one goes to mixer, the other one from the sync out of volca goes to PO-20. Using SY2 the input of PO should be only for the sync, right? And the output is stereo which puts the audio to my mixer. Really weird it carries the “metronome sound” all the way to the mixer from there.

Yeah that is strange. I haven’t tried it with my volca yet so can’t really troubleshoot easily. SY2 works perfectly with my gameboy running nanoloop though, with a similar sync setup.

One thing I noticed is that on PO-20 something blinks on the top right corner of the screen that matches that beat. If it only had a midi in I could test if the same problem occurs, but there isn’t. :slight_smile: Also the audio out cable I have is stereo, but it goes to a mono port on my mixer coz I haven’t got the correct cable yet, but that shouldn’t cause the problem?

Strange that the SY2 setting is not working. I got my PO-20 yesterday. Will try out syncing with the volcas tonight. Balanced cables on a mono input on the mixer should be fine. With my mixer, However, with my mixer I get lower volume when using Stereo cables.

Aye that syncing with other settings ain’t a problem since it’s the last machine on the chain, but that metronomish sound is really f%&ked up :smiley:

Ok I got it working. Don’t know if the reason was that I got this stereo<–>2xmono cable connected to the mixer instead of stereoplug on a monoport. Or SY2 doesn’t catch the beat on the fly, I’m not sure if I tested it by just playing play on the clock source. :slight_smile: Thanks for all the help anyway, peace… <3