Audio via USB (like AudioMux on iPad)?

Ummm so hey guys, AudioMux for the iPad allows for a digital stream of audio from the iPad into a VST, which can be

hosted anywhere that hosts VSTs on a computer. It works really well. Made me wonder if that would be technically possible
on the OP1 if the guys at TE would be into implementing an idea like that? Loads of benefits.


I’d love something like this for recording the op1 into iOS. Pretty sure you need a separate USB audio interface to make it work right now.

well, no, i meant more like, live audio thru USB. I’m just saying, now that i’ve seen an example of it working (from iPad to computer using AudioMux), it seems more possible.

I just glanced at the standard for USB Audio Interfaces. Yes, there is a standard for it, just like USB MIDI devices and such. That means it would be a matter of implementing the USB protocol for transferring audio over USB. Then it would be a question of CPU/memory resources, space for extra programming, can it be done at the same time as MIDI, and other questions that we can’t think of because we didn’t design it. I can’t see them justifying the space of the programming if they are already running close to full on the OS updates.

Hey pretty sure T.E has stated audio over USB isn’t possible with the current hardware of the OP-1. An OP-2 that could stream the tape tracks would be really cool. Of course Elektrons OVerbridge does Audio over USB in a big way, like no instrument before it.