Automatic drum patch builder?

Is there any tool that can take an arbitrary audio file (less than 12 seconds) and convert it to a OP-1 compatible drum patch with sample start/stop positions automatically determined by the waveform (e.g. the transients or silence in the track)?

OP-1 Drum Utilty.

a classic tool :muscle:

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That’s the one here:, right?

I’ve tried that but I couldn’t figure out how to split one file across all the keys. I have one file that is ~11 seconds long and I want to split it across each key. This VST only lets you put one file on each key and doesn’t automatically split it (please correct me if I’m wrong!).

u gotta chop it up yourself w/ the drum utiltiy

its really fast in ableton if u use the consolidate function command+j

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I don’t own Ableton (though that’s good to know if I ever do!).

I wish there was something more automated, but that’s okay. I can def use Audacity to chop up stuff and load it into the Drum utility or just load it straight in to the OP1 and chop there :slight_smile:

ya i guess i get it.

i feel like those automated things don’t really chop things up that good usually.
lots of trial and error feels like it ends up taking the same amount of time

to each their own tho for sure. everybody got their own vibe

You can also use for samples that are already chopped up.

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Thanks for all the ways to build drum patches! I’m a software dev so I went ahead and made one more way to do exactly what I want:

It works for me to chop up several minutes of spoken word poetry into drum patches, with automatic key assignments.


Interesting. But can’t get that link to work.

@ghostly606 Should be up now, let me know if you find other issues. Still primarily “alpha” software

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that’s great!!! :heart:

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Very cool!

I like the poetry reading you linked as an example. Is that part of the Library of Congress’ public domain stuff?

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Unfortunately, no :frowning:

Right now everything before 1923 is public domain, unless specifically specified by copyright holder.

There’s a lot of nice stuff here:

Sorry to go off topic :slight_smile:

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