B and H still giving out that 500 discount

I went on the chat and asked for it. They made me wait five minutes but came back with it today . 1488 brand new.


Congratulations, that is fantastic.


I did the same :grinning:

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Just got it too, was a bit skeptical but it’s as easy as reaching out to chat.

$1,488 :slight_smile:

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I wonder if they’re losing money on this deal. Or is the dealers’ margin more than $500? Sounds like a lot on a $2000 product.

I’d say it’s safe to assume they are not losing money.

Wholesale pricing could be 35-50% of retail, so this is ~25% off, it’s safe to say they’re still making money, probably $200-500 on each sale.

TE probably has a wholesale discount on the smaller end because they’re a smaller company/brand.
So B&H seems cool offloading their OP-1 Fields for less $. They could have overbought.

Still works! Thanks so much for the heads up on this.

Bravo everyone…Thank you, this push pushed me over the edge. I purchase one a few weeks ago now withe same discount.

I sold my old OG about three years ago after the headphone jack went bad. I’ve been eyeing the Field since it’s release… trying to talk myself out of it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Just bought on B&H using your tip for $1500. Killer info - thanks friends!

Crazy! I wish this would work in a EU store.

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FYI 3 things:

  1. if you have a rewards account you get ~$75 back from a discounted OP-1 purchase in rewards, so maybe wait on buying the accessories like Decksaver and bag until you get that reward. Or not, and just use the reward for something else in the future.

  2. the discount still works but I asked again yesterday for myself since I sold my original op-1f and they only gave me $400 off instead of over $500, I asked for the steeper discount and they gave it to me. Not a guarantee but it’s still there if you ask for it.

  3. this isn’t for everyone but if you apply for their Payboo credit card (don’t get a new credit card unless you are in a good spot financially and mentally) then you can get either 12mo 0% interest, OR sales tax removed, which for me was ~$150 on the discounted purchase.

So I just bought a second for $1,488 (discounted price) with no sales tax and almost $150 off in B&H rewards from previous Purchases.
Came out to be $1,330 something, a much better deal then $2k!


Just an FYI, I was able to get that discount by asking on the website chat on 7/27/2023!

The OP-1 Field new ended up costing less than a couple of open boxes/demo units I was watching…go figure.


i tried to get this discount on 8/23/23 and they no longer offered it. They gave me a price of 1,927 brand new.