Back plate and screws loose?

Just received a new one and have noticed the back plate moves a little if I tap it, more so on the side with the power switch.

Also my screws are quite loose - dont need a tool of sorts to turn them and a couple of them move a little out of the traditional lock position after using the unit.

Is this normal?

Yeah my most my screws are loose besides one that barely turns.

you may just simply screw them tighter, and adjust them as you wish in the desired lock position

I cant screw them any tighter, they have a limited range. Also when in locked position, there is still a little give on the back panel… not left right but on/off if you know what i mean

But you can screw the screws tighter to the backplate, when it’s off. Helped me to loosen two screws that were too tight and tighten the others, that were too loose. But only try this, if you have a fitting screwdriver.

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Cheers, although doesn’t make much difference.
I guess the locking mechanism is such that there will always be some give… tap your back plate and you’ll see what I mean

Yes, sadly it won’t make much difference for the backplate, but for me it helped to stop the screws from turning by themselves.
The whole back is my biggest (hardware-)concern with the op-z, yet. If it would just sit a bit tighter with the help of a different mechanism (aka no crumbly rubber feet), the op-z could feel valuable through and through.

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