Back to Tape Screen on record (annoying)

Hi guys I’m new to the OP-1, and absolutely love it. Getting to grips with the key combos at the moment. I just wondered one thing, is there any way to screen lock and/or facilitate the machine not going back to Tape Mode when record is pressed. For example, if i want to manipulate the FX or LFO in realtime whilst recording, its quite fiddly and loses valuable seconds switching back to the FX screen after pressing record.

Be great if someone could offer some insight into this, if it is possible?

Many thanks in advance.


I would also like to understand this better!

not possible unfortunately, but with time and practice it’ll only take you a split-second to switch back to the synth pages

When you press RECORD, the screen changes to TAPE, but recording doesn’t start yet. While keeping RECORD pressed you can now change back to the mode and page of your choice, and start recording by pressing PLAY.

oh damn i didn’t even know that, nice!

@motone Thx so much mate, this is something I’ve always thought I had been doing when I first got the OP-1.

I had lost it and couldn’t recall how to do this, to the point I convinced myself I was wrong…

Another hint for the Tips & Tricks thread I guess :smiley:

Great tips thanks guys.

yeah it’s more like that ‘press record and choose what you want to record’. at first it’s annoying but if you got the zen it’s pretty accurate for Inspiration.

zen is key w/ the op

#truth @docshermsticks

^ you can also use "arm record" by pressing shift+rec.

This is one of the only things I’m not a massive fan of in the OP1. As mentioned above, I tend to hit play and record, and then go into the synth engine and record from there (although this is really difficult if recording a sequence as it means that it might not be perfectly in time.

I really wish TE would have implemented the ability to ‘arm’ the record button like most other sequencers with a 4 bar count in as well as being able to toggle record on and off - not have to hold it down .I’m forever messing up if i’m playing with my left hand as my pinkie has to hold and press the record button and whilst the other digits do the playing. This isn’t so bad if you’re just recording one track, but if you’re overdubbing then this can be risky business!!

When I hit record on my device, it stays in record mode until I press play again. There is no need to hold the record button.

Also, as others have have mentioned, there IS a ‘arm’ functionality when pressing shift+rec. Open up any screen afterwards (synth -> T3 filter) and press Play when you’re ready to record.

@dschu that’s awesome. I will try this. As if I’ve had the OP1 for like 2 years now and not known this!!

Yeah great tips