Backing up onto ipad

I’m planning to travel with my new op-1 in October but have realised that the lack of memory means I’ll need to back up. I’m not bringing a computer so does anyone have success backing up onto ipad? It seems I may have to jailbreak for it to work?

Another member has been able to backup with an iphone and a wifi hard drive. The demovideo is the first one here:

I’m on a jail broken iPad, I’ll try and give it a go sometime.

I know this isn’t the place but advice on jail breaking safely would be good. It’s getting sketchy out there.

I know this isn’t the place but advice on jail breaking safely would be good. It’s getting sketchy out there.

Hmm that hint of wifi card reader is all I needed, I just need to find a local product I can easily return if it sucks I guess!

I just tired plugging in the op-1 via CCK to see if it would show up on iFile… No go :frowning: maybe another member could chime in.

As for jail breaking, I think I used evasion for my ipad air with ios 7. Just make sure you back everything up and read the instructions of the developers. I’ve never had any serious issues or chances of “bricking” sing jail breaking my iPhone 4s, iPod touch 2g and currently my iPad Air.

Good advice, thanks, I think one thing might be to check what format the hard drive is in? You’d have to get a device that could read whatever format the OP-1 is written in (FAT32 NTFS etc)?

Just checked, the op1 is FAT format… Tiny drive, only about 512mb is the official site for the evasi0n jailbreak, in case you go that route. I used it for my iPhone 5S.

Back on the old forum was the Backup Thingamajig 2000 running on a Raspberry Pi. I built one and it works great for on the go backups, but I haven’t seen the member who created it around lately.

Trivbrix this sounds intriguing but I can’t find anything online about this?
I’m looking at getting something like the Kingston mobile lite flash reader, it reads sd cards or usb devices and wife’s the signal to your phone/ipad. It also charges your device,so seems like a handy travel thing to have around.

@lushr I have one the Kingston devices, works fine - never boosted my iPad’s battery, tho …just never needed to. So far.

Good to know @strata do you use it to back up OP-1? I’d hate to spill the cash then find it doesn’t do the job.

@Lushr yeah, back it up on the iPad, and on the SD card.


Hey @Lushr unfortunately all the info about the Backupthingamajig 2000 was lost when we lost Ohpeewon. The guy who made it had even made a really cool script that detected the OP-1 and then asked you what you wanted to backup. Mine is completely portable, about the size of a few iPhones stacked on top of each other. One of the many sad things about losing that data. The Kensington solution looks even better though.


It was myself that posted the backup video using an Apotop device.

(watch the video on youtube so you see the captions/instructions)

You can user other similar devices such as Kensington’s offerings as @strata189 has said.

The Raspberry Pi solution is a bit more complicated though as you’ll need to know a bit of programming to pull that off.

So has anyone been able to dock the OP-1 Drive the non wi-fi/wireless way. I’m testing it as I write this. My setup is as follows:

-Op-1 connected to powered USB hub
-Powered USB hub (powered by iPad wall adapter)
-USB hub connected to JB iPad via CCK
- docking OP-1 using iFIle app

When I launch the OP-1 to Disk mode, the OP-1 crashes and shows an error code. :frowning:
Is there a particular order I should be connecting the devices? I don’t get the “insufficient power” window on the iPad, but maybe I’m missing something.

Kites, I can’t be much help by way of order of connection or how it works but I definitely remember hearing people using this way to back up stuff using a jailbroken device and iFile.

Kites, I’d suggest setting up the op-1 to drive mode before connecting it to anything via usb, this is what @space did in the video above and it makes sense, the system needs to recognise it as a drive.
In the end I want to avoid jail breaking because I’m on the latest OS and the Chinese group who’ve done the latest break aren’t proven trustworthy.

Thanks Space and Lushr, I’ll try that exactly. I don’t even know what iOS i’m on now with my iPad, I guess that’s one of the major downfalls of jailbreaking; you get stuck. Are you using iOS 8?