Backing up OP1 files on the road - without a computer - 1 way (ravpower file hub + sd card or drive)

THis is likely very old hat, but
WOuld be keen to hear how folks if not using computers are backing up their op1 files especially when travelling - and travelling sans computer.

Here’s what i’m doing currently -
main components are a wireless hub (a RAVpower) and a thumbdrive and/or portable harddrive or SD card (sd card reader in hub).

Here’s how it words for me:
– the RAVpower wireless filehub to ipad (RP-WDO3)
(in the UK you can get these on amazon

and in the US you can read about 'em here

Plop the Op-1 into disk mode,
plug into the filehub with USB,
choose the hub wifi on phone or whatever
open up filehub app

choose the filehub icon you’ll see the USBdisk2_volume1 as the op1 folder
tap that
you’ll see the OP1 folders
copy whatever to the phone/tablet device

pull out the op1 put in a harddrive
move files from phone to drive or thumb drives

OR just put in an SD card into the reader and copy the files to the card. whatever works - so many data choices.

Anyone have other approaches?
By the way tried to add images but got “upload failed” dang

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is there another alternative how to back up op1 files to ipad air 2019? I cannot find this ravpower hub anywhere.

your ipad isn’t that old u should be able to just do it natively with the files app.
iOS devices have been supporting disk drives via USB for a bit now

it works now, it has something to do with the order how you connect both devices.

I bought a Kingston MobileLite for the same purpose (my phone is old). But yes, newish iOS devices should work with a USB adapter

On a related note, the manager in this Reddit post can work quite nicely

If you have a Raspberry Pi you can use OP1GO to backup without a phone or computer. I recently put together a similar setup for the OP-Z too (OPZGO)