Backing Up Tracks OP-1


I’ve successfully connected my OP-1 to my laptop using shift+COM on the OP-1 then selecting DISK on the OP-1. Next, I get the OP-1 drive to show on my desktop. I then drag the ‘tape’ folder to my desktop.

Looking in the now copied ‘tape’ folder on my desktop I can see track_1.aif through track_4.aif.

When I play these tracks I hear sounds that were transferred and erased from the OP-1 tape a long time ago. So, it seems I’m hearing things that are on my tape now and things that I erased a while back. Can you please explain what I am doing wrong?

Currently, I have loops on the OP-1 that I’m not sure how to get on to my laptop. Some loops use all four tracks and some just use maybe one track.

Thanks for your help and advice!

You may be SOL and need to do a factory reset. Try dumping a single track to Album before doing a reset, if it doesn’t show up on the USB reset may be the only salvation.