backup without computer or smartphone?

I've been checking out various things such as apotop dw17, ravpower stuff, etc, and am still unsure whether such thing exists:

  • has own power source (ideally battery) and is USB host/on-the-go
  • connect to OP1 via USB cable
  • press button to backup entire filesystem contents of OP1 to a new folder on the gadget storage (e.g. 20150422-131701 on flash storage, sd card, built-in hard drive)
  • no smartphone or computer involved in the backup process, except for browsing contents later.


@Tribrix built an Arduino thing for that, some others are backing up with Wifi, but don’t ask me how they do it. Maybe someone chimes in here!

@mixrasta An Arduino thing? Do tell!

I use a RAV power RP-WD01 .
It’s battery back up and file reader.Drop stuff onto SD via USB- but a phone or iPod is needed to control software,which can monitor stream via wifi. I’ve used a HTC phone and iPod 4 and both work.

Hi, new to the forum, bought my OP-1 last month and loving the amount of music I can now make just on the bus :slight_smile:

Has anyone heard of the cstick cotton candy that I think is still under development? this might be what you need. Also any android stick out there could work if they can power on without a monitor plugged in? Then just run a script when it boots.

I made this little batch script for windows that backs up the OP-1’s tape. Might be of use to someone. Also uses sox to convert the aifs to wavs so I can load into FLStudio.

To work the batch you just have to find and replace “X:” to the drive you want your back up on and make sure you rename your OP-1 removable drive label to “OP-1”. Install sox from here
Copy and paste this into a .bat and run from anywhere on machine:
if not exist “X:\OP-1” mkdir "X:\OP-1"
if not exist “X:\OP-1\Wav\Temp” mkdir "X:\OP-1\Wav\Temp"
if not exist “X:\OP-1\Aif” mkdir “X:\OP-1\Aif"
for /f %%D in (‘wmic volume get DriveLetter^, Label ^| find “OP-1”’) do set usb=%%D
cd tape
xcopy .aif “X:\OP-1\Aif”
“C:\Program Files (x86)\sox-14-4-2\sox.exe” X:\OP-1\Aif rack_1.aif X:\OP-1\Wav\Temp rack_1.wav
"C:\Program Files (x86)\sox-14-4-2\sox.exe" X:\OP-1\Aif rack_2.aif X:\OP-1\Wav\Temp rack_2.wav
"C:\Program Files (x86)\sox-14-4-2\sox.exe" X:\OP-1\Aif rack_3.aif X:\OP-1\Wav\Temp rack_3.wav
"C:\Program Files (x86)\sox-14-4-2\sox.exe" X:\OP-1\Aif rack_4.aif X:\OP-1\Wav\Temp rack_4.wav
cd OP-1
for /f "tokens=1
delims=” %%a in (‘date /T’) do set datestr=%%a
cd Wav
ren Temp %date:/=%
ren Aif “Backup %date:/=%”

The backup I built was designed by another member of the old forums, and he had to help me troubleshoot it a lot, so I would be worthless helping anyone else building one, but it was on a self contained raspberry Pi (with a screen, and multibutton interface). See attached pictures.

I wish I could help you build one too, but we would need they guy who designed it to post his original work again.

The code is here:

@GCF great find. Nice to see it again.