Bad News about the data from

As some of you might know, the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine stopped crawling in January of this year. The 5th to be exact.

I started combing through what was there to see about moving it here, and was left with disappointment.

A lot of the threads are there in the main Discussion area, and I could go back many pages, but some threads seem to only have one page of information, or in the case of many, none at all.

Without JP giving us the database, the data from is, for the most part, gone. This isn’t a fun thing to tell everyone, and while there could still be tidbits of information there, I wouldn’t count on finding much at regarding to what was lost when expired.

So, until a time comes that we can secure the data from JP, we’re all just going to have to basically do what we’ve always done, and be one of the best online communities I’ve ever had the pleasure to be a part of.