Balanced outputs to 2 x OB-4 for near field monitoring

I have two OB-4s and wish to use them (for now) as near field monitors for my home studio setup. I am using a Steinberg UR22C which has L & R seperate outputs via 6.3mm jacks.

I am using a stereo 6.3 - 3.5mm adapter and then running a cable to each of the OB-4s. It works, but I’m wondering if Im getting an odd phase reversal, as the Steinberg delivers balanced/unbalanced depending on if a TS or TRS cable is used.

But as the balanced output for one channel (for example) is going into a stereo speaker, I wonder if it is having some cancelling effect.

So I guess my question would be, should I rewire a custom cable, or can I set the OB-4 into some kind of MONO mode?

Unfortunately ob4 currently doesn’t have a mono mode but yeah sounds like you’re getting a canceling effect. Honestly I would avoid using them as pseudo monitors for producing. Ob4 is not that accurate for music production and your mixes won’t sound good. It also has a small delay in the audio cause of the tape always recording. Ob4 is good for jamming or just casual listening.

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You can’t use a balanced connection into a stereo input, phasing will occur. If you want to try this, you’ll need a TS cable one the interface end and then a 1/8" TRS end with the T & R summed together on the OB-4 end. Or some cobbling together of adapters to achieve the same results.

I considered trying this same thing for a secondary synth station in my studio but opted for a pair of IK MTM’s which cost almost the same as one OB-4. No funky workarounds and a proper stereo field with MTM’s. Even the smaller iLoud’s would be an easier setup.

Thx guys for the advice. I wouldn’t buy two OB-4s for NFM, it’s just that I have them lying around. I created a cable as you said going from unbalanced 1/4 inch to a stereo 3.5mm connecting the tip and ring to the signal. It worked fine for now.

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