Bars on tape track disappeared I think I pressed the one of the 1-8 buttons and they disappeared now can’t get them to return !?

I pressed one of the 1-8 buttons while messing with tape track now my bar indicators have disappeared and looks like my recording is just floating,? Any help? How to return them don’t want to factory reset cusbthat kinda bugs my battery

u may want to check what u have your tape set to
free, beat match. whatever else the options are
i believe free is the one w/ no tape markers

theres also a button combo
shift+ something?
can’t think of it off the top of my head
that changes the resolution of hte tape markers
but i dont believe u can actually turn them off this way

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Ok I think I changed to free beat! Ok thanks

Shift + Stop changes the resolution of the bars/beats markers when the tape is in sync mode.

@idylmind now when I press play it won’t play tape track and when I was pressing stop button it made three sounds then cut out. But I got it to play some how by holding stiop and pressing play now that doesn’t work?? Any ideas? Hit me up on instagram so I can video it to you: abluvasxshrewdxconnotations

You probably have loops points setup then. 1 marks in 2 marks out, 3 disables loop.
Stop left arrow jumps to the beginning of tape.

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Naw really @idyllmin hit me up on Instagram , think I might’ve bought a busted one because I and seller agreed off-site transaction from keyboard, now some keys unresponsive, I recorded on tape track after I factory reset once again now no playback still!?

You should contact the seller or TE for an RMA.

So I held play button and it play tape track but now I can’t access tracks 3 and 4 their not responding, bummer I paid $800.

So my keyboard might be bugged or ash damage cus I finally got the play button to work but I noticed the tape restarts at start point each time! Doesn’t resume play on bar it was on! Mines tweaking real bad now I’m thinking my seller did the switcheroo. EDIT; I changed tape markers resolution now it continues playback from stop point. But mines real buggy! How hard is it to use ifixits replacement keyboard part to replace? Does it require soldering??

Now messing with track 3 button it looks like some unrepairable damage happened. The lite grey tabs that click in the key have broken so now track 3 button doesn’t lock in all the way. Damn it just went downhill from here

So I got a new keyboard and installation was easy, after seeing I left inside screen protector on I had to unscrew screws again then I couldn’t get some of the clear tabs in till I flipped them over. But now op-1 tape tracks 3&4 working and wee back in business. Gonna coo a couple next time. Cus I think mine went bad from dropping heavy blunt smoke ash on the keyboard. @idylmind but now I think my internal mic doesn’t work! I unplugged the cables I had on the op1 then I went to the ear on shift+ mic button and no audio being signaled through the feedback! I had a question for you but while I was writing I forgot, so be back soon. Check out Bulgarian rap artists for songs to sample! Great beats from unheard records. : Dreben G, kaisieva Gradina, boro purvi, kingsize- bolna glava, 100- kila, krisko…,.