Basic question on linking OP-1 to analog synths Kenton USB-Solo?

Sorry for the basic question, but I was hoping someone could help explain how I can link the OP-1 to some analog synths. The usb is always sending midi info right? So I would need a device to convert that to cv and gate? I have a korg, arp, and moog that I am looking to sync to and am wondering if I can do that without using a computer. Seems like the Kenton USB-Solo would do it and I was searching the forum to see if anyone is using it but nothing was coming up.

op1 needs a usb midi host in order to communicate
unfortunately usb solo is not a host so it will not work on its own.

Dang. So Kenton Midi USB Host to Pro Solo?

ya that would work

Thanks @docshermsticks
Digging around the only one box solution would probably be the oplab?
Just found the threads discussing the RK-005 as well, looks like I’d get all but cv there.

Retro Kits RK005

Has a 1/8” that sends 1 channel of V/oct CV + gate and is a USB host (needs 5V input power from an iPhone or android charging block (never used it on batteries of any kind, you could probably make it work from 4 AA batteries)

It also has 5-pin DIN in & out “old school” MIDI ports!

i used it successfully with a Make Noise 0-coast (which I eventually sold because no velocity on OP-1 keyboard which is my only MIDI hardware device)

It’s a little expensive but worth it (i kept it for future MIDI keyboard with velocity aspirations)

Check it out!

@psound74 Thanks, now I just have to find one for sale! Guessing the 3.3V on the CV/gate out would not interface with vintage ARP? Now looking at a Arturia keystep pro for larger voltage ranges.