Bass Presets

What do people think of the preset bass sounds on the OP-1?

I don’t really have many complaints about this overall fantastic synth, but the bass sounds do seem a bit lacking, and, unlike with some of the synth presets on there, I’m struggling to edit them into nicer, more useable sounds.

What do other users think of them? Can anyone suggest any good alternatives?

i actually have never used any of the presets, but there are definitely some engines than can add some lo-end goodness.

i use dr wave (set it so you have a single cycle and tweak it triangle, sine or square shape depending on your mood) , digital (use the green knob to get sub octaves going) and cluster (green knob again)

anything can be fattened up with nitro or punch. if in doubt, layer and resample.

I’ve been able to get some really nice bass sounds with most of the engines. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again; have some really good headphones or speakers makes finding a full bass a lot easier. Also play with the octave range on sounds that don’t immediately jump out as good bass sounds. I find that something that sounds shit in the mid range becomes some beautiful bass when it’s dropped down.

Remember about Unison mode for beefing a thin bass up :slight_smile:

@johnl +1, Unison mode can turn something thin into something huge!