Bass sounds bad after uploading tape to computer


i’m new to the game and just got myself an op-1
i’ve been using the finger sequencer in drum mode which sounds great on external speaker and through my headphones but whenever i record the sequence and upload the tape on logics, a lot of the low end is gone and it sounds like a hi hat crash at the end of each beat :cry: what am i doing wrong? lol

pls help!!

when u upload the tape from disk mode the sound is not processed thru the master EQ, Compression and Drive.

3 elements that can beef up the sound of the OP1.
and imho are really key to the sound in general.

u could try just recording the sound directly from the output into your computer


I think doc is right; one tip if you don’t want to record to PC is that you can use the OP-1 Album functionality to capture the sound exactly like it sounds in your headphones (and then you can import the album files just like you were doing with the tape).


I always upload my tape to a computer & never noticed a difference…hhhmmm… (plug Op-1 into usb, drag & drop files onto desktop). Not only that I actually love the way it sounds. I don’t think I’m loosing any low end, but in all honesty I didn’t do a comparison test.

Interesting to know that when doing this the master effects don’t transfer over, all tho that totally makes sense.

ahh i see that makes a lot of sense!! thanks!

i have yet to dive into the album function ill test that tip out tonight! thanks!!