Batch cropping silence parts in samples

Dear beloved OP-1 community,

I just wanted to share with you a great program (yet very simple) that allows to batch crop silence from samples. Basically, it’s a wav splitter, but can act as a silence crop tool.
It’s a freeware, and has spared full hours of stupid wav edition. For Volca sample users as I am, it’s priceless.

As it is its primary objective, I bet it will also allow to extract samples from the OP-1 drumkits, as long as you can convert it to the WAV format.

For those who want to dive back in the 90’s with old school coded HTML and cool WIN95 windows, you will be served !!!

Download this little gem before it desappears !

Cheers from Paris,

FYI, there’s also SoX:, but it’s a command-line tool. Plenty of examples to be found by googling though.