Battery average on line-in mode?

My ob-4 is brand new and charged a few times. My first day of use I just used bluetooth and was disappointed with battery at around 4-5 hours maybe. I figured the line in mode would increase battery considerably but again roughly about the same today on a full charge. Has this been your experience?

I almost exclusively use Line In and it lasts a couple days of several hours of play time.

Been running it for the last 12 hours and so far it’s down 2 white pixels (either one or two, hard to really judge from the small indicator). It’s on radio setting, volume at zero…so the least amount of energy required. Gonna keep it running until zero.

34 hours later… down to the final white batt. dot

power out.

35 hours, radio mode with volume never going above 20%.


Charging to up to 50% took 2hrs.