Battery Failing?

I noticed last week, when I had the OP-1 connected to my computer, that after charging for a while as normal, the lights went out, so I assumed it had finished charging. But when I turned it on and checked, only 4 of the 5 green lights were lit.

I’ve had it connected to my computer again this morning, and it’s been charging in the background, seemingly reached full charge, but this time when I switch it on to check, now only 3 lights are lit.

Has anyone else had this problem, and does it mean that the battery is failing, as it would seem to suggest? It was bought new in January, so wouldn’t expect it to wear down this quickly. Any help is much appreciated.


Your OP-1 is probably ok. The OP-1 battery meter is very temperamental, many people have reported a similar behavior. You should only worry if the battery running time is affected. You may try fully discharging the battery and topping it again, as this seems (?) to reset the meter.

I suspect the OP-1 does not have the necessary hardware for implementing an accurate battery meter.

Thanks. That’s reassuring. Hope it is just the meter, as I’d be much less worried if it’s just blinking lights that are playing up rather than the battery. I’ll keep my eye on it, but sure you’re right.

mine did this (3 lights max) until I left it to drain fully out. that last blinking LED alone lasted overnight. then I recharged it from computer USB using its original cable, and it went back to normal indicator.

I have found that charging via any method, the battery charges 100% You can tell because, when you first plug it in, the lights will climb to the top, then go out when it has been fully charged, although if you turn it on and press the info button, it may well report 2-3 lights, etc.

The one sure-fire way I’ve discovered to make the OP-1 “tell the truth” about it’s charge status is to put it into disc mode on your computer, then eject the disc (via Mac / PC method). Suddenly, my meter tells me the truth. It’s the only way I’ve found to wake the meter and force it to accurately display the charge status.