Battery input limit

I want to run something past the good peeps here.

Today I was going through the OP-1f manual to refresh myself on a few shortcuts and stuff.

I noticed on the Settings / Battery page the input limit in the provided screenshot is 1200 ma. I checked on mine and it’s 100 ma. Is this just incorrect placeholder copy in the manual’s screen or has the input limit on my OP dropped? It did seem to take hours charging the other day…


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1200 milliamps is only while it is actively charging. when it is not plugged in 100 is the expected normal value there. worry not!

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Got it - thank you for clarifying.

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Hey there, I am a proud owner of a brand new op-1 field. I was wondering about the battery. TE advertises a 24h battery life. Mine works more like 12h-15h before it has to be recharged, def. not 24h. What is your experience regarding battery life? When you use the OP-1 and don’t just let it sit on your table, how long does your battery last? Same like mine? Thanks for sharing!

ill have to measure it a bit more precisely. ive always been impressed and very happy with the battery life but im not sure offhand exactly how long. ill start a little counter next time i charge it up and let you know!

Keep in mind battery life will of course depend on how intensive what you are doing with it. That being said, you’re reporting half of what is spec’s so that’s something.

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I’ve had mine since launch. It’s had use, but not constant. My battery should still be in great shape IMO. I haven’t tried lately, but here is a post I wrote on Elektronauts back in November 23. Keep in mind firmware updates may have changed things since then, but this is my only experience with trying to use it a long time:

I have a little OP-1 Field tale for you.
Last night I spent several hours noodling around on the Nord Grand and came up with something I really liked. It was late, nearly 11PM. I grabbed the OP-1f and using Endless programmed in the left hand part quickly and recorded to track 1, then using a sound from a Rephazer pack recorded the right hand part in live. Great - idea captured. This was about 11PM. I could’ve run a line level cable from the Nord Grand, on this occasion I didn’t.
Anyway I slid the OP-1f back into it’s white bag and put it aside on the Nord and went to sleep.
I got home just after 6 PM, and the house was very quiet, unusually, since the wife and kids were out. I could hear some sort of sound from somewhere. Figured a kids toy or a HomePod mini were left playing something when they went out. I walked around for awhile trying to find it and it was very quiet… and then sure enough the sound came from the OP-1f in it’s bag. I touched it and the noise stopped. It was on it’s it’s bag, with a key held down, playing a sustained note… from 11pm to 6pm…
That’s just nuts. I mean, I know it’s in the specs… but wow. There were a few bars left on the meter too.

Something to consider is when you Shift+Input to select the input source, (eg internal mic) you can also press the Mic button to enable input monitoring. Input monitoring may affect battery life. I’m not sure but it’s quite possible. I’ve sometimes accidentally left that on. Horrible since you record audio of the key presses :slight_smile: