Battery Issue OP-Z

Hey there!

So i tried to charge my OP-Z over night and it only reached 47%. I was using the same plug as i use to charge my iphone. Does anyone have the same experience?

I’m a little bit upset, because this thingy costs 600 bucks and then there’ s an issue like this…me no gusta.

But still very happy what this thing can do…

Try an other charger. If that not helps, return the OP-Z

Try taking out the OP-Z battery, then reinstall it and try charging once more.

try using a laptop usb port to charge instead. i wouldnt risk overcharging it btw.

Hey, so I did what you said and it worked out fine!

Also wrote an email to TE, they replied that they are aware of that issue and will fix it ASAP.

Thx for your help

Good to hear, and thanks for highlighting for TE.