Battery Issue

Has anyone noticed that the batteries will just die for no reason if you haven’t played with you PO for a week or so?

I’m using rechargable duracell batteries, and after pressing funct-pattern, the battery says “0”, but last week I checked it was at “95”.

Thought it was supposed to have a two-year standby time…

i have not noticed this, maybe its your rechargeables?

i know that due to the nature of rechargeable batteries, they will show like a full battery for their charge, and then drop off immediately when they are close to dying.

it works like this when i use them in my SP.

are your batts older? maybe they are not holding a good charge anymore. try some fresh ones

They are relatively new.

I was not aware of them saying they have charge and they just plopping off a cliff, but if that is true for you, then it makes sense that that is what is happening for me. Just wanted to amke sure it wasn’t a defect in the PO.

Thanks for the advice, looks like I’ll just stick with it and keep recharging them :wink:

Often devices have a setting you can change as to whether you’re using alkaline or NiMH, but the PO doesn’t have this option. Its EFM32 Gecko can operate with 1.98 to 3.8V, and a pair of NiMH is already starting at 2.4, but you shouldn’t be dropping to 1V per cell by the time they’re fully discharged let alone at the power draw of the POs

They pretty much go from 1.2V to 1V and then that cliff.

If I can find them I can try my AAA Eneloops.

yea i was gunna suggest maybe just trying some regular batteries and see if u still have the same issue?

i’ve had my PO for over a month now, and i think my batteries are still at like 95% w/ daily use

Also note that some sync modes will prevent it from sleeping, which will certainly drain the batteries.