Battery level indicator while charging

Hey gang - Just wanted to confirm here: When you’re charging the Field, there are no illuminated LED’s on the battery level indicator, correct? It remains dark and the only way to confirm battery level is with the unit switched on? Can’t find any examples or posts to back this up. Want to make sure I don’t have a defective unit. Hope I’m explaining this correctly. Thanks in advance for the info!

Taken from the manual:

OP–1 field is charged through the
usb-c port located on the right side
of the unit. the first thing you should
do is connect it to a computer or a
usb charger. keep it connected until
the battery is fully charged, indicated
by the charging led on the right side
and the level meter. to check battery
level, hold the help key (speech
bubble). the leds will light up to
indicate the level. to keep the battery
healthy, the unit should be charged
at least every 6 months.

Battery status should be shown by pressing the help button.

Tbh i didn’t have time to check that, because I’m at work right now. But i think it should be displayed, even if its turned off, when pressing the help button.

But the problem with the battery meter seems to be quite common, does it light up when to indicate the outcoming signal when keys are pressed?

It does light up to indicate output signal, so thankfully that is working fine.
And when ON, battery level is displayed on the meter.
When OFF, the meter does not illuminate when pressing Help. The original OP-1 behaves the same way in this regard, so I think everything is OK?
The FB group confirmed that the meter does not illuminate during charging when the unit is off, just the side LED.
I guess I just got so used to the OG meter and seeing it light up during charging that I thought there was an issue.
Anyway, THANK YOU for your time and help!

No problem, that’s what that forum is for :slight_smile: