Battery life for the Pocket Op

Love my new P.O. Ive not played on it more than 1/2 hr in the 2 weeks I’ve had it. Today it failed to switch on. The fresh batteries I put in lasted 2 weeks? I’ve changed them and it’s working again. It was a new pack of batteries.

How is yours lasting with light use.

I’m wondering is it the case pressing on a button stopping it going in to auto off mode.

The batteries should last for months, if you are seldom using it. Didn’t you leave it playing perhaps? Also, it may not switch off depending on the chain mode, when connected to another PO.

I had the issue where it died seemingly prematurely. I figured it was because I would throw them in a bag, and the rustling around of various things would turn it on. So I started to put a piece of thick paper between on of the battery contacts when not using it. The clock won’t stay up to date, so you might have to use one of a million other time telling options haha.

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