battery replacement diy

TeenageEngineering ignored the 5 emails i sent them the last 5 months. so DIy to go i guess. anywone knows how and with which battery to replace (mine is almost deat`h)

They’ve been crazy over the past few months with the PO launch so maybe give them another try before jumping inside your OP

how long have you had your op-1

how long does the battery last you?

Mine last about 8-10h or even more sometimes it feels like

Someone reposted the pictures of the guy that opened the OP-1 years ago. Then you know, mines still working fine as well more than 10 h since 3 years…

Did you do the battery swap?

iFixit has a ton of OP-1 repair:

Are you sure it’s the battery? I thought my battery was dying but it turned out to be the Connector Board.

@jjbbllkk I dunno. How did you find out it was the connector board?

@jjbbllkk I dunno. How did you find out it was the connector board?

Through people’s suggestion here. I posted this thread:

I had gone through weeks of testing and failure, and my symptoms weren’t making sense. The connector board suggestion clicked with the weirdness I personally was experiencing with the OP-1. YMMV.

Thanks @jjbbllkk

Can anyone confirm that this battery would work in the OP-1?