Battery replacement (UK-based)

I want to attempt a battery replacement in my friend’s original OP-1. Looking online, it doesn’t seem an easy task acquiring the correct battery and/or connectors.

Anyone able to help me save several hours and happen to know of some sites that have what I need and ship to the UK? Thanks!

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the battery should be pretty easy to find.
standard style LIPO battery. u just gotta figure out the sizing
which is usually labelled on the battery itself
i believe the info is out there somewhere as well

Gotcha thanks for that. I don’t quite understand what those parts are or how they factor into the replacement process so would be cool if you could explain.

Also, I am actually having an extremely hard time finding the right battery online (that is also shippable to the UK).

the molex parts are the battery connector
the little piece that connects the battery to the OP1 circuit board
it is a super small connector.
that u have to purchase in 2 separate parts
the plastic housing
and the metal pieces that go in the housing that u solder your battery wire to
from my own experience its very fiddly but maybe i just dont have the specific tool for it

which is why its likely easier to just cut off the existing connector
and solder that onto your new battery
YMMV of course

like i said the battery is off the shelf style LIPO
nothing special. readily available everywhere in all shapes and sizes
i dunno about shipping to UK since i’m in the states
but most of these batteries are coming from china
so not sure why they wouldn’t ship everywhere

maybe UK has some more stringent laws about shipping batteries?
maybe u just need to dig a lil deeper?

sorry i can’t be of more help

When you say that you have to purchase the connector in two separate parts, is that 2x of the same part? The links you shared appear to be the same part, so I just wanted to check that’s what you mean, unless there is another part you didn’t link to?

the link is for the plastic housing which is the first part
if u look at hte molex link there is a tab that says “mate with / use with”
which will show u the part number of hte metal connector pieces which is hte second part

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Found these options - which would you go for?