Battery Replacement

Anyone done it?

I went shopping for the battery and couldn’t find a source anywhere.
I asked TE in an email where to buy a battery and they made it clear they don’t sell any batteries but “some other online shops” carry them. They didn’t provide any hints on which online shops may sell them, but after over an hour on google with no luck I fear the odd size is posing a problem.
I found 1800mah 3.7v batteries but in totally different sizes and all with just 2 loose wires (no connector/plug on the end).

So if you find a source on the battery you’re not out of he woods, they often don’t have the same connectors used in the OP1 (JST type ACH as far as I can glean) so you’ll need to track down the proper end plug and possibly a crimping tool (though pliers may work).
The amount of legwork required just to find a suitable replacement battery makes me think it’d be simpler to just send the OP off for repairs.

Let us know if you do track down a source for a proper replacement battery. TE isn’t sharing if they know (making me think there’s a sourcing issue for the original 055070 battery). I’d be curious to see if someone has gotten the battery replaced by TE and checked to make sure it’s the same size and mah as the original.

The iFixit guide doesn’t link to a battery seller and the pictures in the replacement guide could be taken with just the original battery, no actual replacement done.

If I had to do it, I would get GM505068-PCB for $20 from, cut the plug from the old battery and solder the leads to the new one. Note that I never did this before, so I can’t confirm that the PCB battery model is the correct one, but I think so.

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Thanks guys. Oh damn, sounds complicated. Sounds fun if it was a cheap piece of gear, but I don’t wanna brick my main guy Opie. My unit is under warranty, so by rights, TE should offer me a repaired unit. However, I emailed them and they sent me the battery refresh / recalibration instructions which I have already found and done to no avail.

Anyone have an alternative email address for te to get some help up in here?

Thanks for sharing this info, I was searching real hard on the web to get the correct battery.
I went to the link you shared and found it with little effort. Thanks

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So you did this and it worked?

Does anyone know the exact size of connector pin?
The options I found are 2Pin: Ph 1.0; Ph 1.25; Ph 1.5; Ph 2.0; Ph 2.54.

man i had this info somewhere awhile back
the connectors are really small
i remember that even tho i was able to procure the parts i ended up thinking
i might be better off cutting off the existing connector and soldering that to my new battery

ah! here it is

That is what Jorb ended up doing


Thank you. I just saw Jorb’s video. I guess I’ll follow the soldering route.

Thanks for this. Very useful indeed.

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