Battle 078 - the virtuoso

Hate to hear! Good luck with the wait…

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This works indeed! Great tip. Only barrier I found is that you cant change tracks while recording and the moment you disarm the recording you cant activate it any more while album recording. So you can live loop on one track but not on multiple. Or did you find a way around this too?

@rocksoul - yes, everything you wrote is true and alas, i did not find a work around…that’s why in my entries after each musical part is introduced in stereo that it “retreats” to the left as i had panned track 3 that way!


one more quick stab at whichever battle this is.

edit: (laughs off, mistakingly adding side A, instead of side B to Soundcloud). sorry to the multitude of 4 listeners before this horrible mistake.

replaced and ready for when votes are taking place. lol. awards eligible? does that continue to be something that real people actually say?

Not eligible for the competition; but still had a trow at it. I decided to rely solely on the pattern sequencer. First tried some pattern switches between pattern and endless, which worked quite smoothly, but then decided to stick with one thing. I copied the drum preset to all 8 slots and then muted some steps per slot by selecting a step and bringing red all the way down. Using shift + note I could jam some additional notes. Changed the effect on some of the presets. The jamming was done while waiting for my bagel to come, by changing between presets, playing some notes and tweaking with the fx parameters.

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Nice piece! Would like to know more about your sequence/live jam workflow…you used Endless so you could latch/have it ruN automatically? But then Shift-note would erase the sequence, right?

Inquiring minds want to know!

Hi psound!
I used the pattern sequencer, the one with the dots on the grid, because that one accidentally still had a nice pattern on it. And while in the sequence window you can live play other notes.
However, endless would have worked too. If you have an endless sequence, put it on hold, and then go to your drum/synth window and you can hold shift plus note to play a note without transposing.

To elaborate a little further; I build a drum patch which had 4 drum hits, 8 bass notes, 5 chord samples and 3 melody samples so that I could trigger them all with the sequencer or live playing. So thats why you gear the different instruments all transpose when I go down a fourth or fifth (you hear the bassdrum and hihat get slower).

This way of using the sequencer was a lot of fun so hope this helps to start your own sequencer jam!
All the best, Rocksoul

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Very ingenious! Thanks for sharing your method, might try it myself after the big work push before the Holidays finishes…been diving into the OP-Z more and have a bunch of “transit Etüdes” in progress (using 45-50 minute Subway ride to make a 4-8 bar fully arranged loop)

Reminds me of pouring yourself into the thing you can’t win (i put a lot of composition time into Battle 72 even though i didn’t know i wasn’t eligible since i won Battle 71!)


Rounding up the battle! Any projects still in line for submission? Let me know then I’ll extend the deadline.

i’m not sure really. made this track in this past hour, mostly boss. it isn’t strange that doing deeds in a good way is rewarding. happy holidays.


Cool thanks for the submissions! I’ll make a voting page coming sunday. Happy christmas all of you