Battle 078 - the virtuoso

Hi all,
They say restriction leads to inspiration, so in this battle I want to challenge you all with a new kind of restriction.

I think the OP-1 is more of a production tool than a live-instrument. Still for this battle we are going to use it as a live-, solo- instrument.

Everyone knows an example of a virtuoso musician who easily entertains an audience on its own. You are going to try to do exactly that.

Battle rules:

  • (start with a fully empty tape) Edit: You can have short music snippets on you tape that you can play live.
  • go to album and press record
  • now play the synth engine, drum engine and optionally live loop with tape
  • stop the album recording and upload as is

Edit: Apparently live looping doesn’t work with album because you can’t record to tape while recording to album. Instead you can record your OP-1 output to another device to do the live-looping performance. This is optional; you can still choose to live record your performance to album.

You may want to improvise it all from the start, or have it all written out or prepared beforehand (for example; programmed the sequancers and sounds, added long samples to the synth or drum engine or even constructed an mpc-style drum preset the way @liamkillenmusic described it in one of his posts)

Other rules:

  • no external instruments allowed
  • no post-processing except for trimming the beginning or end with a fade-in / fade-out or if really needed a small cut in the recording if your performance was perfect except for that very annoying small mistake you made (I don’t want to frustrate you!)
  • upload your recording together with a description of the process. How did you prepare? How was it for you to perform? Did you trim the recording afterwards and if so why?

Please feel free to ask questions if the battle rules are unclear.

Deadline: 23th December 23:00 GMT +1

Good luck everyone!



I like it. I like it a lot. I didn’t get to participate in the last one because I was too busy but gonna make it a point to participate this time. Great idea.


Hopefully my OP1 comes back from repair in time!

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Just to get it right: This is like a live jam? I can do whatever I want (use all 4 tape tracks etc.), but I have to record the whole thing in one go? No prerecordings on tape?

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That’s correct! You can use all 4 tracks but you’ll have to live record on them. So you could for example do a loop jam where you add layer upon layer. But you can also choose to ignore the tape and only use the synth and/or drum engine.
Jam on!


in honor of the moon, we just getting loopy. and backing it up with them drums.

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I just tried this competition and realized when I press record on the album it’s impossible to record to the tape so I can’t make more than one track!

I guess you can start with recording to the tape, so that you can “play” the tape while recording to the album.

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Good observation! I didn’t know that yet. Than you for pointing that out. Interesting how you still learn new restrictions on the OP-1 every time.
I like @LyingDalai suggestion. I will update the rules to include that you may have short audiofragments on your tape to play the tape along with whatever you have sequenced on drum or synth.
Another way of doing the live-looping would be to record to external instead of album. For example connecting with ableton and with the new firmware update you could then record your performance to a track. I will add this too.
The main goal is to have fun, so if any of the rules are in the way, ignore them and just share with us how you arrived at your result.


so for the “moon out, sunny day” track, I looped a piano sample using the sequencer.

once I had the loop where I wanted it, I paused it and went to album. I hit record, then bounced back real quick to the sequencer and turned the orange knob so the sequence started.

then just played some drums over it while it recorded to Album. and then hit Stop.

So could you have multiple sequencers prepared and ready to go and just switch (I know there will be a pause but we are “jamming”)?

Okay so, some more of my guitar noodling. Just laid out the drums on the Tape and jammed along while recording the output. Really stripped down but, that’s how I do it.


Hi @joeyfivecents
Yes you definitely can use multiple sequencers that you prepared before.


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I made a fun hum / drum beat / goofy synth song by going between three loops live.

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Figured out:

  1. do “Shift-Record” in the tape section.
  2. go to Album, hit Rec
  3. press Play (Tape) and optionally your first note(s) - these can trigger Endless or any of the sequencers for Drum and/or Synth engines
  4. in the spirit of the “live looping”, my step “0” was to set loop points for 8 bars :slight_smile:

Will upload my NJ Transit train commute live loop when i finish my drive back home to Central NY!

Hope that helps someone else!


I won’t see my OP-1 before 2022 :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

Entry #1 (variation 1)

On board NJ Transit, live looping with tape direct to album.


Entry #2 (variation 2)

On board NJ Transit, live looping with tape direct to album.