Battle 24 Poll

Here is the poll for the battle 24 tracks.
This is the first battle voting thread where we are using an automated poll, but please feel free to leave comments if you desire.. Lots of entries this time! Great work, everyone. Let's keep the voting open until the end of Sunday. One vote per registered user, not exclusive to users who have submitted entries.

@adrigax CLUSTER

@dimi3 FM


@blabux Dr Wave

@plasticdub D Synth

@DOZr Dr Wave

@yoof Digital

@vehka FM

@beefinator Dr Wave

@Tribrix String

@Mixrasta String

@xjx D Synth

@sparky String

@sosa Digital

@Aahz Dr Wave

@Lymtronics Digital

There are some duplicates in the post—I think you accidentally ctrl+V’d again before you ctrl+C’d the next track…

Yes @lymtronics , @beefinator is right, Vekah and yoof are showing the same track.

And plasticdub and DOZr

I thought it was my machine downloading strange soundcloud confusion.

… This is a tough vote,I dont want to mention names now but I have your tunes running around my head.

it’s all fixed, now.

Any chance we could also get the engines listed with the submissions as well?

Also, @Lymtronics , didja mean to leave yourself out of the poll?

@Lymtronics’ battle entry is not eligible for voting since he won the last one! =)

Damn I would have voted Lymtronics :wink:

Listened them all through just now, great tunes everybody!

Here’s a set of the entries in case it helps:

@Vehka, ah, didn’t know the rules about that. (wasn’t on ohpeewon)

Great entries all. Even though we’re using the form above, should we still announce who we’re voting for?

Here’s some comments on the tracks:

@ali I wish I could comment but I can’t get sound out of this track, no matter what I do or where I try. The other tracks are working fine. Weird. NEVER MIND THAT (I opened in another browser and it’s working). Very cool track, i like the bouncy disjointed feel of this. Wonderfully executed.

@adrigax Very fresh vibe with some hip-hop flavor. Really dig the combination of sounds and your composition. Very enjoyable. Love the noise stuff at the end.

@dimi3 Great DnB, no surprise, but always a joy to hear your tracks. Great use of the radio samples too, very moving, emotionally, IMO. Really takes it to the next level.

@ronic It’s amazing to hear what you (and everyone else) are doing with these common beats we have to work with. I love that sweeping synth sound you got, and the stabs, for that matter. This is very well constructed and a joy to listen to.

@blabux I love this. The sweeping synths against the the more bubbly ones is very catchy and delicious. Use of the supplied beats is great too.

@plasticdub I like how ambiguous the opening of this is. Very mysterious. One has no idea where it is going to go. It has an almost modular synth vibe to it. Very cool. Calls to my mind some of the experimental electronic music I heard from the 70s. Extremely original. Nice work.

@DOZr This is an epic track. Though it becomes a kind of DnB thrill ride, the opening is HUGE, and makes Glasgow sound like it’s the center of the universe. And I think the DnB work here is incredible, especially your dark stabs. I don’t know how you guys can do this on the OP-1 but I’m so impressed.

@yoof Wow, so polished and radio friendly. Amazing. Anyone calling the OP-1 a toy or mere “sketch” synth needs to listen to this track. I’m completely blown away. If you need more ego boosting, I’ll go there, but know that I hold this track in the highest regard already and can’t sing it’s praises loud enough. Wow.

@vehka Very cool vibe on this. The radio sample use especially raises the already high quality on your entry. You made the Funky drummer beat more original than a lot of the other entries, which I really appreciate. It’s hard to take something so familiar and make it sound new, yet you have. Kudos.

@beefinator Really diggin’ the glitchy trip hop vibe of this, especially that it has a kind of “clean” but lo-fi sound. The composition is great. A kind of collision of the Art of Noise with New Order, to my ears, played on a boom box with excellent fidelity. Great stuff.

@Mixrasta First, your picture reminds me of my days in Berlin (God I miss it). I really dig your track too, especially because we both used String synth and got sounds that are nothing like each other, :slight_smile: . Your composition and arrangement are spot on too. Great stuff, total joy to hear.

@xjx The quiet opening is so cool, very fresh, and the simple melody that comes in before the beats really did it for me. The work with the beats is effective too. Just a really enjoyable track all around. New sounds and unexpected turns, so much gentle fun.

@sparky Those clicks at the beginning are infectious and slightly spooky to my ears. I love what you’ve done with the synths, perfect composition and arrangement that just hits all the right spots. The bit crushed stuff about halfway through was a nice surprise, and I think the whole thing goes from good to great at about that point. I love the direction it takes from there to the end. Really cool.

@sosa That’s some really cool dark stuff you have going there, which is brilliantly contrasted with the radio presenter’s more upbeat optimism. The emotional contrast really highlights the strengths in the work and calls attention to itself. Very cool stuff.

@Aahz Amazing minimalist composition which manages to be compelling despite its sparseness. The radio samples totally remind me of Darth Vader, but spookier. Great use of the supplied beats too. Really dug this.

@lymtronics Always a joy to listen to your tracks. If I had to assign a description of this it would be Glitch-hop meets Kraftwerk and I totally dig it. It’s a good thing you’re not eligible for voting this time or my decision would be impossible to make. Great work.

Note to the new members (older members will have seen me write this before), While it seems most people enjoy getting comments on their tracks some people resent writing them. For myself, I write the comments as I’m listening, so it takes me no more time to write these comments than it does to play each track. However, no one need feel compelled to write comments. If it suits you, type away, if it’s not your thing, don’t feel like you have to. I give my comments freely without need for reciprocity and hope they are helpful. If you decide commenting on the tracks is for you, then I thank you in advance.

P.S. I’ll probably write something similar again in the future.

@beefinator I updated the thread to include everyone’s engine except for @ronic which I couldn’t find.

@Tribrix You can say who you voted for if you want- I probably will. It’s more in the spirit of the old battles.

Good point @lymtronics . I voted for @yoof .

Great entries all! The rules seemed to have inspired everyone. Hard to choose but I voted for @Mixrasta

Sorry everyone, I actually used the Phase engine for my sounds. Its probably one of my least favorite engine but still ended up using it lol.

I love how creative everyone is, it’s really very inspiring. All of the entries are really good, some of my favorites are @aahz, @sparky, @tribrix, and even though he’s not eligible, @lymtronics.

Great job everyone!

GREAT battle! Wish I had the time to participate, very very cool rules! my vote goes to @Mixrasta

Yeah, awesome everyone… Last time I was really active here was around battle 18 and I feel like the entries get more and more interesting… Adrigax gets my vote this time. awesome mix of sounds… Really reminds me of dan the automator and kid koala’s stuff on lovage, nice groove.