Battle 25

I am fighting this battle and it is tougher then I expected!

Ok, here’s mine. I found it tough trying to merge the two songs but managed to get something in at least!

Sounding good @Mixrasta, reminds me of a cop show theme tune for some reason…

Ok guys, here’s mine. That was not easy but I finally recorded something.

With a little bit of FM synth and some live radio.

Mix and mangle of two songs. there was a bit of FM synth incorporated. I was all set for this battle and Lost Control. Fun as hell.

So…we have some nice entries here! Seems to be a tough task, maybe a bit too specific. Anyway I leave it open until tomorrow night (Tuesday).

Ahh… I can’t believe it… I think I was defeated by this battle. Even a whole week of holidaying in the south of Spain and still nothing nice to submit. Props to all you guys who got an entry in. Looking forward to hearing them all :slight_smile:

I’ll get something finished by the end of tomorrow. I have also struggled with this battle and had a lot of incomplete ideas. It’s a holiday in the US meaning I’ll be spending my time with other people rather than myself, but I’ll get back on the wagon tomorrow and muster a submission. Props to the people who got them in on time.

I too was defeated! I just ended up mangling the samples so they were unrecognizable and still didn’t like the sound and in a fit of rage erased my tape!

I’ll be back!

PS Only listened to mixrasta’s entry so far and am humbled. A fine job, sir!

I never even had a chance with this one. Too busy with other crap, vacation, etc. Will give detailed comments on the voting thread.

This was pretty tough! Digital, Dsynth, FM, cluster, and string engines used in addition to samples from the provided songs. I also used a sample of radio static for a percussion sound near the end.
trying this out...first battle posting...sorry if the link is shite.

Yeah, I too failed with this one, dunno why really! Gave it quite a lot of time too… Nothing wrong with the rules really, in fact quite liked them!

Looking forward to listen to the entries, as usual!

I couldn’t get to it. At first I didn’t like the rules, but then when I listened a bit, I thought “well, maybe this could be fun”. But due to time and not quick enough gratification I failed to do anything!