Battle 25

Ok, here it is, get ready!

First welcome to the 25th battle, everyone on operator-1 can participate and everyone can vote later, even when he didn’t make anything!

Rules are the following:

There are two songs to sample, a cool one and a more cheesy one that haven’t been used that much in the past as far as I know:

Serge Gainsbourg & Jean-Claude Brialy "Un Poison Violent, C’est Ça L’Amour"

Herb Alpert "Besame Mucho"

put the songs into the tape folder when connecting with the computer, or just record them via line in…

1. The aim of this battle is to combine both songs to one, for example Herb’s trumpet and Serge’s guitar, or if that’s too hard just the drums of the one song with the filtered part (for the bass) of the other, sth like that. I already tried to combine parts of both songs, and after pitching it seems possible so far. A good help could be @darenager’s trick posted by 5StarNomad with the (element lfo, wrong) value (right) lfo:

2. Use only the drums sampled from the songs.

3. All other engines allowed to support combining the two.

4. Radio is allowed to combine another song with it’s samples to it.

5. Feel free to be creative with the samples and engines, but don’t forget to have parts with significant sample-use.

Alternative to those that don’t like to sample, you can play/ cover some significant parts with the synth engines.

I hope that makes sense to everyone ; )

Submit due to Sunday 31st of August.

And now power on your OP one!

Whoa! What a challenge. Interested to see if I can make this work.

Seems to be a tough mission as @adrigax says…hehe @Tribrix!

Another trick for pitch change I can remember someone posted on ohpeeone was this:

Phone filter with:
Phonic = 99
Baud = 00
Telematic = 99
And play with the TONE to change the pitch

Just heard the Gainsbourg song on YouTube… that’s mighty sampleable (spelling?) material! Haven’t heard the cheesy one yet. Wait… Gainsbourg was the cool one right? :wink:

Downloading now and arming the op-1…

Yes thats the cool one. The cheesy one has a cool intro @yoof

It does!! Just listening to it now :slight_smile: This is my kind of cheesy!

(…the finger clicks at 1:22 in the Gainsbourg… too cool!)

Cool stuff. I just checked the songs out on YouTube. I have a busy social calendar the next couple weeks, but hope to have some quality time with this battle.

Liking the songs… call me vacherin!

By “significant sample use”, are you intending some final mix more recognizably stemmed from the originals, or are you imagining getting some things as mangled as, say, daft punk’s face to face was from evil woman?
Or no intention either way at all? :smiley:

I bet he means either. mash or mangle, but just do it!

Great rules! Just a couple of questions:

  • So all drums will have to be from the samples, but dbox can be used for other sounds? Or all synth engines allowed except dbox?
  • And unlimited sampling from the radio allowed? (As long as the original songs feature prominently, right?)

Yes what dimi meant, mash or mangle @beefinator.

As long as you don’t use for the basic drumbeat, you can use DBox, maybe some percussive melody stuff, and yes to your second question @vehka.

@yoof yeah, I’m afraid those snapping fingers will be popular.

Count me in, huge Gainsbourg fan here.

I put the files into my tape folder via my laptop and the OP-1 went through some sort of sync / debugging cycle, is this normal? Never loaded stuff onto it through USB before.

Yeah, it has to make sure the file is all formatted how it likes. (the OP-1 puts a lot of stuff in the metadata of the .aif files. Oh, also, it has to convert to .aif)

Welome to the battle @ghostly606!

Okay, I made a song. It became a crazy mexican-rock-disco-doodle kind of…
I took the drumgroove stuff from Herb and pitched down the Serge’s guitarsound to minus 3.
Ah, and some DSynth and Dr Wave Arpeggio.

its got a cool 70’s staxx sound.

Thanks! That’s why I like to use samples, if the song you sample from is already well mixed you’ll get a nice organic feel even with short snippets.