Battle 26 voting

Sorry @lyingdalai I usually leave download enabled, I just mucked it this time.

Congrats @yoof

I’m going to have to listen to your track later @lymtronics, but looking forward to it.

Thanks all of those who wrote comments. I really appreciate it, always.

Congrats @yoof! Well deserved. Not unlike @lymtronics I am a huge fan of your drum programming. I can’t seem to figure out how you wrap your head doing some of the more intricate stuff. Wish I can find that old post you did on op-1 about your process :)

@Lymtronics Glad you posted your track regardless of timing! Really love much too love about the track. Sounds are very rich and I believe anyone who listens to this would be surprised about just having 4 tracks (well most of your tracks in general!). The timing of the Delay doesn’t bother or poke out at me so I think it is fine.

(also unsure why my comments have a huge indent on top all the time)

Sorry @lyingdalai I usually leave download enabled, I just mucked it this time.
Don't be, @Tribirx : it's just that I continuously listen to music at work, but can't stream everything ^^
Thank you !
@LyingDali Twin Peaks, huh? I snapped these earlier today. (Season 3 in 2016!)

So it can’t be a coincidence :smiley:

LyingDali, huh ?

@LyingDalai haha sorry I was up for two days by that point. I see you’ve run with it.

@LyingDalai feel free to download, as i’ve updated the setting.

@lymtronics hotness.

@yoof congrats. looking forward to b27

maybe it’s worthy of a new thread…but i stumbled onto the — ohpeewon battles soundcloud page, which is fucking cool. is there a record of what the battle rules were for each one (and who won each one)…or a way to retrofit the missing ones up there? definitely some OP treasures posted on that page for those that haven’t checked it out…

@kln Maybe if you click on the individual tracks in the playlists and get the track info they will shed some light on the battle rules. I think I’ve included the rules in my track info on the battles I’ve participated in, which I believe are all but one since number three. I’m sure a group of us could recall the rules for all the battles if we thought about it.

@lymtronics i see that now. nice to know. definitely have been enjoying the tracks from the past battles. great to get a little insight into the premise leading up to them, and makes them all the more enjoyable knowing the constraints/advantages, for someone geeking-out on their OP-1 like i have been.

I´d looove to see a “best of” compilation from the battles so far. Maybe the best entry from each user to include everyone. Or all the winning tracks. Or both!

You know, @slomen , that aught to be it’s own sticky thread, the Battle winners thread, with only admins posting to it, and just being a list of all the tracks that won (with the rules for each listed, of course).