Battle 27 Voting

Ok, time to vote!

Thanks so much to those who took part. Really great to hear how you’ve all used snippets of Fairuz.

As for me, I seem to have developed a bit of a Fairuz vinyl habit since this battle started :slight_smile: I do have a track of my own in the making, but couldn’t seem to stick to my own deadline!

Here are the tracks in a playlist:

Battle 27 by - ohpeewon battles - | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Let’s end voting on Saturday night (8th Nov).

@adrigax cool counterpoint melodies

@mguniverse i like it it feels cinematic. I’m picturing a detective snooping around for clues or some shady character shadowing the nights.

@dj_kLn i’m really digging this. I love how the wormy bass changes the mood when it drops and love the dj aspect of it. I kmow it’s the op1 but i keep picturing vinyl turntables and an SP

@mixrasta you make it sound so damn funky. My absolute favorite. Hats off to you sir.

Thanks @Blipsford_Baubie the counterpoint melody is in fact the melody played backward in the Endless sequencer…

Aaaah @Blipsford_Baubie you deserved my vote, sorry mate !

But with a few listening of all tracks, it makes no doubt @Mixrasta's is my favourite : very nice production, man !

This session taught me a lot, congrats and thanks to all participants !

@lyingdalai Phhfft…i don’t blame you. I voted for mixrasta myself! “You’ve chosen wisely.”

My vote went with @dj_kLn with the scratchn’ trip-hop vibe. Bit of Mr Chop / Luke Vibert / Gorillaz

2nd @mixrasta

Wish I had the time to take part in this battle.

Great tunes! I’m really bummed I didn’t have to time to finish the song… My vote went for Mixrasta!

That’s a cool loop which is not get boring, so well chosen! @Blipsford_Baubie Your track has a cool structure but maybe you could have brought back the the first part again at the end… and you made a good work on the vocals that match the beat perfectly!

@adrigax Very cool transition from the gambler machine sound towards the middle eastern samples. Good composition and relaxing for the listener! My vote for you!

@mguniverse I hear a funny minimal jam and can see the ants waving and dancing to your song. Nice one!

@dj_KLN Great dubby jam with a lot of love for details. Always surprising! Some triplet tape delay on the snare and the bass here and there would have made it perfect. : )

Thanks to all for the nice words on my song! And thanks to @Yoof for the battle inspiration.

@Blipsford_Baubie Great sample selections. You’ve done a good job arranging the song to match the tension in the singer’s voice. I like when the metallic tom comes in with an almost housey rhythm. The track from this point on faithfully revisits early Nine Inch Nails to my ears. Very well done.

@adrigax That scratching is really cool. I love the string stabs here and there. There is a sense of mischief to the song, like something that would fit the mood while sneaking past guards in a video game.

@mguniverse Very strange, indeed! Like a battery powered John Bender. There are a lot of disconnected emotions trading dominance. I was really hoping for another one when the song ended, I could have listened to that for a while. Nice piece.

@kln Those dreamy e piano sounds are such a delight! Great drum programming. Excellent and varied transitions all around.

@mixrasta I love that chilly, howling pad that pans back and forth near the beginning. The vocal samples are super good. Slick chug-a-lug beat sounds like it could be in a movie. The tremolo eps are divine. Great stuff!
I’m bummed I didn’t get anything going for this battle. The weather was nice and took what I feared would be my last chance to charge my battery before bracing for the long winter. I notice absences from a few other die-hards as well. I hope you were all enjoying nice weather as well.

@Blipsford_Baubie liked the interplay and syncopation between the periodic sounds in your piece, also your use of the stereo field - @adrigax liked the composition and your juxtaposition of the samples and presets - @mguniverse loved the space, stripped-down sounds, how this piece is abstracted from the theme and how it leaves the listener hanging at the end - @kln swings between tuneful, dark and downright creepy - nice - @mixrasta liked your composition and blending of the vocals into the piece, also like the rhythm chugging along back there - my vote goes to @mguniverse

@lymtronics yes thank you. Shortly before the metallic toms, i was deciding how to change my own main drum beat. And hearing the 2/4 snare at that particular tempo and especially with the TRAPS kick and snare; it just screamed NIN to me! I couldn’t help it, lol. And them toms are originally something else. I still don’t know the difference between Djembe, ude, ect. but i had applied a lot of high cut with the nitro on them and added gain and fine-tuned the cut off to find that sweet spot that distorted the percussion just a little.

Thanks for the comments everyone. It was an intimate battle this time. Really it always is at OP-1 :slight_smile:

I’ll let any last votes come in and wrap it up tonight. Cheers guys.

@Blipsford_Baubie - you chose super cool excerpts from Fairuz, really embracing the middle eastern vibe I hoped would come about. I love all the little detail you put in it. The second section which goes more into a hypnotic groove with subtle variation is dead cool too. Very cool!

@adrigax - the stripped back chiptune opening suggests a simple affair, but all that changes pretty quickly with the intricate layers of melody. I really love what that awesome Fairuz loop does to the track when it comes in. Genius blend of authentic middle east with electronic sounds :slight_smile:

@mguniverse - liking the patch with short vibrato notes. Also liking the low end that comes through in your track. Quirky, cool and moody!

@dj_KLN - wow, right from the start I know it’s going to be special. I soooo love that section with the sub bass and dub reggae style lead. Really good! There’s a lot of detail and change over time. Really keeps my interest. And there are also some nice repeating themes. I can see you’re really embracing the linear approach the tape takes you down. Really nice use of effects. Top stuff!

@Mixrasta - wow, what can I say! Near on a masterpiece I reckon! Really deep grooves, fantastic song progression, beautiful melody lines over very well chosen Fairuz snippets. I really love it man! Also, I find myself not automatically identifying the method behind it all - it’s just great music to be enjoyed :slight_smile:

My vote goes to @Mixrasta!

Thanks all so much for taking part. You’ve all captured exactly what I was hoping for with the middle eastern vibe.

And now, I hereby hand over the mantle to @Mixrasta to dream up how we’ll spend the next couple of weeks :slight_smile: Congrats!

< OHHHHWWWWwwwwwwwww )

Congrats Mixrasta! See what i did there^

Oh shit, I’m too late. Nevermind, here are my thoughts anyway…

@Blipsford_Baubie - Really cool! I love how everytime I started thinking “ok I think I got the point now” the music changed and surprised me.

@mguniverse - Very jumpy and funny. Blipsford_Baubie imagined a detective, I think I see lots of little grasshopper dancing together :slight_smile:

@dj_KLN - Love this atmosphere. I like the different themes coming, disappearing and then coming again. Well done

@Mixrasta - Well done for the really good use of DNA. I never was able to make this synth sound good, grrrrr. But in your song, it add something really nice, that contrasts with the chill ambiance of the rest.

My vote (even if too late) goes to @Blipsford_Baubie

But this doesn’t change the final result, so congratulations de @Mixrasta… looking forward to see the rules of the next battle

i failed to vote in time. i actually was relieved when i saw that we had extended until later tonight to get it in…but being on West Coast time hasn’t helped with that. not that it would’ve made a huge difference and tipped someone else ahead anyways. i’ll go ahead and add my tick anyways…if it still works. congrats mixrasta! yours is well deserving of the win, and got my vote as well.

all the other tunes were great too!

@blipsford_baubie - really nice. i like the arrangement and the vocal use and the build-up. very cool

@adrigax - well built track. definitely fulfilling the middle eastern vibe, but also like video game sounds and the juxtaposition it creates works really well.

@mguniverse - i like the non-traditional beats and how the track flows.

@mixrasta! your track has great production quality! i like how it’s chill, but still keeps moving. had winner written all over it as soon as i heard your track.

thanks to @yoof for the battle rules and turning us on to Fairuz, (or at least to turning me onto her). for Battle 26 i sampled a middle eastern vocalist of Youtube (per those rules). really digging the middle eastern sounds as of late, so it was great timing! i hadn’t checked out Fariuz before. so thanks again for hooking us up!

and thanks for the feedback too everyone! glad you enjoyed the track. i actually made a second track with all of the same YouTube samples from my first entry and constraints from this battle, including just using 3 same effects and only the 2 drum kits. maybe this is the one i should’ve entered! ha! (are multiple entries allowed?)

sorry again for coming in late. been battling a cold and feeling crap for the past several days.

Thanks again yoof and all battlers. I already have an idea for the next battle! Will post it soon! @dj_KLN thanks for posting your second track, it has a nice vibe towards the end!

Cool @dj_kln i would have voted for your first track. Still cool nonetheless.